Not even a big fan of fifty shades but dear god the way they used that cover of “Crazy in Love” in the official trailer is by far one of the most impressive displays of scene-music choreography i’ve ever witnessed in my life. 

With that said, it still doesn’t beat the GQ Italy/Spain? (Yes i get that this is vaguely racist but I genuinely can’t remember) take on the whole bdsm genre. 

I am so prepared to take film studies next semester what’s up. 


The narrative that insists “both sides are equally guilty” falls apart each time Israel leads an offensive on Palestinian population. Whether it is Operation Protective Edge or Operation Pillar of Defence or any other attack led by Israel on Palestinians, the glaring disparity of military power of that possessed by Israel and the barely-existing means held by Palestinians is more than obvious. The narrative should have never been about the culpability of “both sides” because that indicates a semblance of equality; of both sides maintaining the same amount of power but in this case, there is none. The liberal guilt complex which insists to see “both sides” attempts to create an illusion of balance between the settler and the invaded, the colonizer and the colonized.

One side has the Obama administration funding its security with $3 billion dollars annually up to 2018, the other is regularly threatened and faced with residential demolition, forced displacement, starvation, detention for both adults and children, collective punishment and a myriad of more fascist apartheid logic. One side can afford sitting at leisure on a hilltop in Sderot overlooking Gaza and rejoice as blasts hit Palestinians, the other flees for its life. You cannot strike a balance between Israel and Palestine; you cannot compare both because the comparison requires equilibrium of some sort. Here there is none.

One has to be incredibly naive or deliberately dishonest to implore that the world see “both sides” because there is only one side and that side is being obliterated ruthlessly. And we all know which type between naive and dishonest is more in numbers.